Wood elf archer

Archers are ranged units,armed with bows and arrows

Elven ArchersEdit

Elven archers are the best archers.They are the most precise

Wood Elf ArchersEdit

Wood elf archers comprise a majority of the Armies of Laur-ne-Celeb.

After the Orkish invasion of Brenid, a group called the Brenid Rangers was formed.The Brenid rangers would stay in the trees untill an enemy would walk near them, then they would shoot them. After the Orcs left, the rangers remained.

High Elf ArchersEdit

Are good archers.They don´t hide in the trees.

Wild Elf archersEdit

Are first seen when Cuindolos, or,in the Nolerin form, Quenodolas comes to help the High Elves.They braver,faster, but carry less armour.

Dark Elf Archers.Edit

Human archersEdit

Dwarven archersEdit

There arent any dwarven archers.Their function hold Canon shooters in Niria and Kobold archers by the Forest dwarves

Kobold archersEdit

Imrag was one of them.

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