The Grey Elves who now inhabit the northern slopes of the White Mountains have for ages inhabited Dolonad.

They are from the same stock as the Nelyari and the Celvar, or Wood Elves.They are also known as Sivdan elves.


Led by their king Mirdur, they founded the kingdom of Dolonad.They lived there for long times

The Battle of Dolonad and AftermathEdit

After the Great Battle at Dolonad, where Celebras, the Wood-elf-king and Mirdur,the Grey-elf king, died.

His son Mirduryon foughtwith the newly created Grey Elf Rangers, but after the Disaster at Elvengate, the Grey elves stayed without king.


The Grey Elves then hided into a couple of fortresses on the slopes of the White Mountains.Among them are important:

  • Ostaroro Fort of the mountains
  • Nilost Hill-fort
  • Enilthurest Enilthurs-fort
  • Lindarest
  • Mirost Grey fort
  • Mirdurost Fort of Mirdur.

They elected the bravest warrior as Ranger-captain, with the same power as the kings.

Rulers of the Grey-ElvesEdit

Kings of the SivdanEdit

  • Mirdur
  • Mirduryon

Ranger-Captains of OstaroroEdit

  • Enilthur
  • Enelyon
  • Mardun
  • Aragor

Kings Edit

  • Mirindur
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